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Win additional customers using package inserts

Are you tired of your emails going directly to spam or the constant increases in your Adwords budget? Then try this lesser-known communication channel which is simple to set up and allows you to reach real distance selling customers.
Package inserts are the perfect means to reach customers at a moment when their full attention is available: the opening of a package. What could be better and what better time to get your message across effectively?

All the benefits of package inserts

  • 100% deliverability
  • No shipping costs
  • Real buyers not just intentional ones
  • A message that reaches 3 persons per household on average
  • Light and easy to set up, just a flyer to print and deliver to our partner
  • You will not find your competitors here

How does it work?

1I submit my advertising insert to parcelinserts.com by ITL for acceptance

2I provide the flyers or samples that need to be inserted in the outgoing shipment. Our partner slides them in the orders that are sent to customers before delivering them to the carrier.

3We rely on a wide network of partners, including e-commerce and distance selling companies.