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Package inserts, a successful concept!

What is a package insert?

Insert your advertisements, coupons, or even small product samples in the packages delivered to distance selling customers.

This little-known marketing channel allows you to reach your targets at the most convenient time. Customers are in a good mood as they are receiving a much-anticipated package and you can capture their attention without too many additional interferences from other advertisers.

Ideal to give maximum impact to your message.

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  • 100% deliverability
  • Marketing channel scarcely used to date
  • No stamps or package fees
  • Easy to set up, just a flyer
E-commerce and distance selling companies
package inserts advantages

Monetize and optimize your shipping costs

Do you send packages to customers on a daily basis? Then these are all privileged communication slots for other non-competitive brands. The royalties collected allow you to amortise part of your shipping costs.

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Win new customers with package inserts

Are you tired of your emails going directly to spam or the constant increases in your Adwords budget? Then try this lesser-known communication channel which is simple to set up and allows you to reach real distance selling customers.

Envie de Fraise is the go-to website for mothers to be, a leader in France, offering the largest selection of maternity clothes in Europe. As the designer of its own clothing line, the brand has already seduced more than 200 000 mothers-to-be and dresses 1 out of 10 pregnant women in France. 

Envie de Fraise has succeeded in establishing itself as a reference in terms of maternity fashion and is the favourite maternity brand of celebrities such as Bérénice Béjo, Maud Fonteneoy and Isabelle Carré.

Its customer base is made up of female distance buyers with a good purchasing power.

Available quantities: 200 000 packages per year

Profile: women aged 25 to 40

Reaction: Partner recommended for any products aimed at families with toddlers.

Payote imagined the largest selection of Made in France espadrilles. Manufactured in the heart of the Basque country, in the purest regional tradition, more than 250 models and 15 000 packages per year are sent, from the small village of Mauléon, to every corner of France. The clientele is young and predominantly female.

Available quantities: 15 000 packages per year

Profile: women with an average age of 35 years

Reaction: Recommended for offers related to women, children, innovative concepts, leisure and family

Berceaumagique.com offers the largest selection of gifts to celebrate births, christenings and pregnancies, but also furniture and decoratve items for the baby’s bedroom. More than 30 000 products and 350 brands echo their slogan « Wish granter »!

Available quantities: 144 000 packages per year

Profile: More than 80 % are females under 50 years of age. The Berceau Magique packages are recommended for all offers related to the baby’s wellness, family and toddler entertainment.

Reaction: Women interested in original and quality products

This leader in online car spare parts offers 250 000 annual packages for your communication needs!

Yakarouler: stands for cheap spare parts and much more! Their wish? Offer the lowest possible prices as well as services and advice on spare parts, accessories, rims, tyres, tuning, car radios and other car related equipment.

Available quantities: 250 000 packages per year

Profile: Its customer base is made up of car enthusiasts and handymen who cannot refuse a good deal.
They can show an interest in insurance, leisure and tourism products, and more generally all products intended for men: wine, gastronomy and clothing. It’s up to you now!

Reaction: Spur-of-the-moment purchases and promotions.

For more than 20 years, Laboratoire Therascience has developed an innovative range of food supplements in physionutrition, phytotherapy, dietetics and sports nutrition. Today, Laboratoire Therascience has a solid customer base, mostly seniors, who are very loyal to the brand and its unique formulas. Slip your communication materials related to well-being, health and comfort as well as gastronomy and fashion into their packages.

Available quantities: 170 000 packages per year

Profile: Senior women with a good purchasing power

Reaction: Packages recommended for offers relates to health, wellness, natural products, comfort and gastronomy.

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